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Cobb's tennis program offers numerous tournaments for all ages and levels of play.  All tournaments are sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association and require USTA membership.  Membership may be acquired by calling 1-800-990-8782. For detailed tournament information and to register, follow the link on the tournament name.

Tennis Tournament Schedule

Click on tournament name to go to the tournament site for registration, information and tournament draws.
Download Cobb tournament calendar here

2018 Tournaments Dates Deadline Events
Fair Oaks Jr Chili Bowl Super Chps Dec. 29/17-Jan.1 Dec. 25 Junior
Terrell Mill NTRP Classic Jan. 26-28 Jan. 22 Adult NTRP
Atlanta Bowl Junior Championships Feb. 9-11 Feb. 5 Junior
Kennesaw Mountain Junior Chps Feb. 2-4 Jan. 29 Junior
Fair Oaks Jr. Winter Blast Chps. Feb. 16-18 Feb. 12 Junior
Sweetwater Senior Singles Classic Feb. 23-25 Feb. 19 Adult / Senior
Cobb Junior Spring Satellite Mar. 10-11 Mar. 5 Junior
Fair Oaks Senior Southern Warm-up Mar. 23-25 Mar. 19 Adult / Senior
Lost Mountain UTR Tournament April 21-22 April 15 Junior / adult
Cinco De Mayo Junior Satellite May 5-6 May 1 Junior
Harrison Junior Championships May 11-13 May 7 Junior
Chattahoochee River Open/Senior Singles Chps. May 25-27 May 21 Adult / Senior
USTA National 12s Level 2 May 19-21 Apr. 26 Junior
Sweetwater Summer NTRP Classic June 8-10 June 4 Adult / NTRP
Georgia Games Junior Chps June 25-28 June 19 Junior
Georgia Games Adult & NTRP Championships July 6-8 July 3 Adult / Senior / NTRP
Terrell Mill Junior Open Championships July 9-12 July 4 Junior
Sweetwater Junior Satellite July 21-22 July 16 Junior
Harrison Junior Summer Super Chps July 27-29 July 18 Junior
Fair Oaks Junior Championships August 3-5 July 30 Junior
Lost Mountain NTRP/Open Classic August 10-12  August 6 Adult
Sweetwater Back-to-School Blowout Satellite August 11-12 Aug. Junior
UTR Atlanta @ Harrison August 18-19 August Junior
Cobb County Open/Senior Fall Classic September 14-16 September 10 Adult / Senior
UTR Atlanta 4.0 and below @ Lost Mountain September 15 September 9 Junior
UTR Atlanta @ Lost Mountain October 6-7 September 30 Junior
UTR Atlanta 4.0 and below @ Lost Mountain October 27 October 21 Junior
Fair Oaks Junior Fall Satellite November 3-4 October 30 Junior
Cobb Junior Christmas Classic Chps November 9-11 November 5 Junior
Lost Mountain Fall Junior Satellite November 10-11 November 6 Junior
Fair Oaks Junior Chili Bowl Super Championships December 28-30 December 18 Junior


Please note, per USTA-Georgia requirements, all junior tournaments require a signed medical release at tournament check-in.  You may download the form here and bring or fax to the tournament site.