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Completed Studies

Archive listing of completed planning studies (organized by agency that led the project). Year of completion for each is provided in parenthesis following the link.



Cobb DOT has completed the Senior Adult Transportation Study, a study to improve accessibility and mobility for older adults living in Cobb County. This study helps identify ways to make better use of and improve existing transportation resources and options for Cobb County senior adults.

The Cobb County Comprehensive Transportation Plan 2040 (CTP 2040) has been prepared to serve as the blueprint for all transportation investments —vehicular, transit, freight, pedestrian, and bicycle—by Cobb County and its municipalities for the next 25 years. CTP 2040 integrally links land use and transportation within the County and its incorporated areas to efficiently and effectively address the needs identified for the transportation network through 2040.

Cobb County conducted a 22-month Comprehensive Transportation Planning (CTP) study. The project kick-off began in early 2006 with the completion of the study in 2008. The CTP is a long-range transportation study that will review and analyze existing transportation needs (mobility, transit, multi-use trails, and sidewalks, etc.) as well as future transportation needs.

The Cobb County Department of Transportation conducted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan that identifies where Cobb County can improve conditions for bicycling and walking and identify a strategy for investing in those improvements over time.


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